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At KAINOTOMO our experienced web programming team can help you identify and repair a hacked WordPress website. Best of all, we can do it in a way that restores you back to normal operations quickly and protects you from future cyberattacks.

How we fix hacked and broken websites

Wondering how we take your compromised website and repair it so it’s making money for your business again? Every situation is different, but we follow a rigorous process of detection and resolution. Here are the major steps:

Audit the Website and Evaluate the Damage – Diagnosing the problem is an important first step. That’s why we always begin with a deep website audit that tells us about the condition of your pages and coding. This step gives us an accurate picture of what has happened, when it occurred, and how we should proceed.

Remove Any Harmful Code or Hidden Apps – Naturally, we will remove any harmful code or hidden apps we find running on your business website. Most hackers use pre-built tools to comprise websites. They can be relatively easy to uninstall if you have the right tools and know what to look for.

Restore Backups of the Website (if Possible) – In some situations it can be possible to take a previous backup version of the website and use that as a base to repair the damage. Or, sometimes business owners may decide they wish to make bigger changes to the layout and functionality.

Make Security and Performance Upgrades – You don’t want to leave your hacked website in the same vulnerable position it was in before. Upgrading might mean choosing secure hosting, selecting new plugins, or even restarting the design process. Would you prefer to have your old website back, or a newer and more secure version that’s been built from scratch?

Relaunch the Website – With the upgrades completed it’s time to put the new and improved version of your website back online. It goes without saying that you’ll want something in place that you can use to attract and retain customers as quickly as possible.

Study the Analytics – Finally, with your hacked website repaired and your business running normally, we keep an eye on the analytics for a while. This is partly to ensure that you aren’t hacked again, but also so we can help you put sales and engagement on an upward trajectory going forward.


KAINOTOMO is a website that helps companies who use their website as a primary channel for the success of their business. We help by creating innovative software, provide solutions and consultancy around Joomla, Laravel framework, web design, hosting and other online software platforms.