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  • Session support
  • Socket support
  • PHP Data Objects (PDO) with driver for either MySQL, PostgreSQL or SQLite (required)
    Note: MySQL database driver requires PHP 5.3 or newer.
  • iconv (recommended)
  • OpenSSL (recommended)
  • Mbstring (optional)
  • FileInfo (optional)
  • Mcrypt (optional)
  • Zip (optional)
  • Pspell (optional)
  • PEAR packages distributed with Roundcube or external:
    • Mail_Mime 1.8.9 or newer
    • Mail_mimeDecode 1.5.5 or newer
    • Net_SMTP (latest from ​
    • Net_IDNA2 0.1.1 or newer
    • Auth_SASL 1.0.6 or newer
    • Net_Sieve 1.3.2 or newer (for managesieve plugin)
    • Crypt_GPG 1.2.0 or newer (for enigma plugin)
    • Net_LDAP2 2.0.12 or newer (for LDAP address books)
    • ​kolab/Net_LDAP3 dev-master (for LDAP address books)
  • php.ini options:
    • error_reporting E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE (or lower)
    • memory_limit > 16MB (increase as suitable to support large attachments)
    • file_uploads enabled (for attachment upload features)
    • session.auto_start disabled
    • zend.ze1_compatibility_mode disabled
    • suhosinsession.encrypt disabled
    • mbstring.func_overload disabled
    • magic_quotes_runtime disabled
    • magic_quotes_sybase disabled

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