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With the installation a default category is created. This category is used by the accounts. You may create new, edit etc. as the Joomla! standard categories.



Next you have to go at least once in the component's options (settings) and save.


First thing to configure is to create a new contact's category from your back end->SP Mail Client->Categories. That should be the  category where contact's (address book) for each user will be saved. Note that each user can view only his contacts and not any other.

General Settings

Auto save contacts? - Choose this option to yes if you want to automatically save contacts to Address Book every time you send an email.

Accounts Category - The default accounts category. When a new user uses PH Cloud automatically a default account is created. Choose here the category to save the accounts.

Accounts Access - The Joomla! access level the default accounts will have.

Under iFrame - Choose this option if you wish to integrate with other extensions. For more information see article "Integrate with other extensions"

Show Time? - Choose this option if you wish to see the date and time on front end.

Class Styling - The rest options is for how the emails appears in front end. That is useful if you wish to use your templates styling for tables.


It is very important thing to define security as per your needs. The access to the component is defined by the standard Joomla! Access Control List (ACL), for maximum security and compatibility. For example, if you plan for your registered users to use the component in front end we recommend below settings.

Keep in mind that by default the registered group does not have all the necessary access.



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