Open source & easy-to-use hospital information system(HIS) for all healthcare organizations.

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Manage efficiently your healthcare center 

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Healthcare management software is a digitized system that helps in management of health information of patients in a healthcare facility. It can streamline operations, improve patient care, and reduce costs and errors.



Frappe Health module enables the health domain in ERPNext and has various features that will help healthcare practitioners, clinics and hospitals to leverage the power of Frappe and ERPNext. It is built on Frappe, a full-stack, meta-data driven, web framework, and integrates seamlessly with ERPNext, the most agile ERP software. Frappe Health helps to manage healthcare workflows efficiently and most of the design is based on HL7 FHIR (Fast Health Interoperability Resources).

Key feature sets include Patient management, Outpatient / Inpatient management, Clinical Procedures, Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy, Laboratory management etc. and supports configuring multiple Medical Code Standards. It allows mapping any healthcare facility as Service Units and specialities as Medical Departments.

By integrating with ERPNext, features of ERPNext can also be utilized to manage Pharmacy and supplies, Purchases, Human Resources, Accounts and Finance, Asset Management, Quality etc. Along with authentication and role based access permissions, RESTfullness, extensibility, responsiveness and other goodies, the framework also allows setting up Website, payment integration and Patient portal.