Conferences Management Systems

Everything you may need for your conference. All in one place. We have everything you need to organize a conference of any size and complexity!

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You can view in action on our conference demo website.

Conference Management

From managing program committees to publishing proceedings, our Conferences system has got you covered. Our that professionalism has perfected managing a well-organized conference from scratch.

We designed the system to help conference organizers cope with the complexity of running an almost arbitrary conference model. The current version supports

  1. Call for submission or participation
  2. Abstract and paper submission:
    • Flexible submission forms
    • Multiple file upload types
  3. Reviewer management:
    • Management and monitoring of the program committee
    • Reviewer database management
    • Sophisticated and flexible management of the access of PC members and referees to papers and conflicts of interests
    • Review assignment based on preferences of PC members
  4. Reviewing:
    • Submission of reviews
    • Online discussion of papers
    • The author rebuttal phase, when the author can respond to the reviews
  5. Communication and monitoring
    • List of the events
    • Sending email to reviewers, authors and attendees
    • Monitoring email
    • Analytics
  6. Program editing and publishing
  7. Preparation of conference proceedings
  8. Attendee registration and online payment

and plenty of other features.

Thanks to its flexibility, our system has been used for:

  1. Evaluating project proposals
  2. Teaching students paper writing and peer reviewing
  3. Generating program Web pages for very large conferences


We can create complex registration forms to support your attendee registration and make registration up in running in a few hours. We can help you accept online payments in various currencies. Your authors and reviewers can register using the same environment they used for submission and reviewing.

Our fast-growing online registration service implements attendee registration and online payment. Our registration forms are easy to create and edit and are flexible to fit any of your requirements.

What our Service Provides

  • Flexible and easy to use forms
  • Complex pricing and fee calculations using formulas
  • Different prices for different registration period and different registration types
  • Import and export of data
  • Technical and customer support
  • Registration form design support

Safe and secure attendee payment methods

  • Online payments in various currencies
  • Wire transfers
  • Low-rate settlements in a different currency. This allows your organization to have an account in one currency and run registration in a different currency

Registration managers with various permissions

  • Data access policies to ensure confidentiality and security
  • Payment information and decision policies

A unique feature for updating registrations, including payment-related information, even after payments have been made.