Digital Signage

Digital signs are dynamic displays that customize compelling and targeted messages for your business in both closed and public environments.

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One of the challenges for businesses and organizations is developing content for these displays.

Clear, concise and memorable, KAINOTOMO enhanced digital signs attract your audience with eye-catching words and graphics in quick-hitting visual stories. Digital signs can range from simple text and still images to full-motion animation.

You can also manage your content on- or off-site to adapt it to different times and groups. Some of the most popular digital-sign formats include liquid crystal display (LCD), LED screens & walls, scrolling message boards and electronic billboards.


  • Build your brand with captivating focus
  • Boost your sales with both ambient and point-of-purchase advertising
  • Influence customer behaviour through interactivity
  • Enhance audience experiences by creating a distinct sense of atmosphere.

Make digital signage a powerful complement to your traditional marketing.